In the release liner industry, quality and stability of the silicone formulations is very critical. We design skid systems to produce silicone formulations depending on your recipes. Repeatability is very important to obtain same mixture quality. With our PLC controlled units, you will get the same mixture accuracy and quality for each different batch. This will assure stability and prevents problems during coating process.

The main ingredients are in general polymer, RCA, cross linker, catalyst and additives. Each customer has their specific recipe to creates their own quality. Raw material quality of the chemicals is also important forthe final formulation quality.

Order of adding fluids, volume and intervals between mixing processes, mixing time for each steps are customer specific. We provide PLC control unit with our skids. The software provided is specific for each customer. Itís very easy to add/remove new recipes and to create new mixing scenarios. It is also possible to change formulas and modify existing scenarios. Since itís an individual software, we can design it depending on end usersí expectations.

Results are perfect and accuracy is less than 0,05% by mass.

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